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Rainbow Donut Blindbox

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Each includes: 1 Random 1.5” resin donut, 1 acrylic stand, and 1 raffle* ticket for a 1/49 chance at super rare (1 of 2 EVER) rainbow Micro Mentoquila (see last pic).

Jimmie the donut is a design by Mr. Mento and produce by JFO.

🌈 Collection Blindbox Odds

Iced - (Red x 6, Orange x 6, Yellow x 6, Green x 6, Blue x 6, Purple x 6)

Iced + Jelly Filled - (Red x 1, Orange x 1, Yellow x 1, Green x 1, Blue x 1, Purple x 1)

Rainbow Sprankles - (Regular x 5, Crème Filled x 1)

When possible, any orders of between 2-6 pieces will be courtesy scanned (aka we’ll peek) to make sure you don’t get any duplicate pieces unless noted in the “notes to seller” field.

*Raffle drawing will take place LIVE on Instagram (@the_jfo) upon sellout of the series.